Where You Can See Stevengraphs:

On-line: (UK)


The website was created by a SCA member in 1999. It is the most comprehensive catalogued list, of all Stevens designs, but also other British victorian weavers with coloured images of nearly every recorded title. It is also easy to navigate, the titles being in alphabetical order and referenced.


The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry has a huge collection of Stevens silks and those from other Coventry weavers. Plans are in hand to digitalise some of the collection by 2024.


The Victoria & Albert Museum (London) has a small collection of Stevengraphs available to view on line.


Agatha Christie’s collection of Stevengraphs at her summer home at Greenways has been digitalised.

On-line: USA


Weston (Mo) has a large collection of continental silk weavings but also Stevengraph images in the Susan Donnelly Kaye and Neil Kaye Gallery.

In Person: (appointments are necessary at some museums)

  • The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry
  • Macclesfield Silk Museum (Macclesfield silks, looms & a few Coventry silks)
  • The Manchester Metropolitan Museum Laura Seddon Collection (mainly printed cards but some woven valentines etc)
  • Greenway, Devon – The Agatha Christie collection
  • The National Silk Art Museum, Weston Mo (USA)
  • The Newberry Library, Chicago (USA) (the John High Stevens Postcard Collection – not yet digitalised)

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